A/Coe Communications is a division of A/Coe Electric. Founded in 1972 by Coe LeFebvre. He was driven to create better service for his customers by going the extra mile for them. Faster response time, quality work, reasonable prices and dedication that gave him regular customers for over 30 years.

Since then A/Coe has become a multi faceted service company giving your company a choice in better service and quality workmanship.  We have completed many nationwide and overseas projects with our team of experts. To the far reaches of London, Sydney, Hong Kong, Madrid, Dublin, Beijing, Munich, Rome, Paris, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Vienna, Singapore, Taipei, Toronto, Zurich and many more cities around the world. Working closely with project managers over seeing large and small projects for example the Heathrow Airport T-5 project in London England to local offices in your area.

Here are some of our Fortune 500 companies and other growing establishments we have worked with:
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