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The new fire safety provisions require the removal of abandoned cable that is not terminated or labeled at both ends or in use.  A/Coe Communications can get your company back into Fire Code Compliance with the speedy and efficient removal of old Voice, Data, Security and other low voltage cables.

A/Coe Communications Certified RCDD (Registered Communications Distribution Designer) staff can assist you and your company in the best future ready design.  Planning ahead and designing up to date codes and standards assures your network to be reliably working from the first day of installation.

Expanding your office?  Moving departments around?  Adding new equipment?  A/Coe Communications will exceed your expectations for the changes you make today for the future of your company of tomorrow.

With today's Security needs, A/Coe Communications can install any style Security Cabling for doors, windows, motion detection, cameras and more, with peace of mind, knowing your Security system will work when you need it most.

Music On Hold, paging employees in warehouses or outside, music throughout your office?  A/Coe Communications Certified Technicians can install whole paging systems or just add on more speakers in your workplace.  Let us design and install your system today.

Is your IT Room starting to look like a spider's web?  Can you not work on your equipment without disconnecting someone?  Let us help you and reorganize your cabling in your IT Room.  Free up switch space, be able to move equipment in and out anytime you need.  Find out how we can help with any of our consultants.
A/Coe Communication can help you organize your infrastructure by documenting your existing "As-Built" or “Pencil Drawings”. Also your current or future cabling, risers, mechanical and more.

A/Coe Communications can meet your coaxial cabling needs for TV, Internet, Phone, Security or any other coaxial cable requirements your business may have. RG6, RG59, RG58, 50 OHMS, 75 OHMS, Indoor, Outdoor and other styles.

Need to get a phone, pc or any other device on a desk or table in the middle of your room without the hazardous cables lying on your floor. No messy core drilling or trenching needed. A/Coe Communications has the solution for you. Our UL approved electric and data “ribbon” products and installation can make this possible with less mess and hassle. Find out how the impossible seems possible.
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